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        Porcelain brush pens

        Fibre pens with flexible brush nib for decorating porcelain, glazed ceramic and heat-resistant glass. Dishwasher safe after heat fixing. The flexible brush nib is ideal for painting large areas as well as fine details. The porcelain brush pen has a luxuriously smooth application and an even finish. No dripping or clumping. Quick-drying and fully correctable prior to heat fixing. Extremely lightfast, water-based pigment ink. Areas which come into contact with foodstuffs should not be painted.

        edding 4200 porcelain brush pen

        edding 4200 porcelain brush pen

        • Fibre pen for dishwasher-proof painting large areas and fine details without dripping or spreading, works on porcelain, glazed ceramic and heat-resistant glass
        • The flexible brush nib has a stroke width of 1-4 mm
        • The water-based pigment ink is quick-drying, can be corrected prior to heat fixing, and is particularly lightfast
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