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        edding 750 paint marker – the premium solution for marks even visible on dark materials

        edding 750 paint marker – the tool for the toughest jobs and greatest demands

        Regardless of the surface, be it smooth like glass, rough like iron of a pipe wrench or sparkling clean like polished lacquering, you can mark it all with the edding 750 paint marker. With its highly opaque lacquer-like ink it specialises in labelling many kind of materials, even dark ones, making it a versatile marker not only for DIY enthusiasts.

        Furthermore, the edding 750 paint marker is waterproof and even heat-resistant up to 400 °C, making it the perfect companion for your workshop.

        When a hard day’s work is about to start, the gentle flow of the edding 750 paint marker’s high-performance ink can make it just that little bit easier. Its ability to write on almost any material, be it metal, glass or wood, makes it the perfect companion in a broad range of industries - including those with complex requirements.

        With its highly opaque ink, inscriptions are perfectly visible even on dark and transparent materials. Even under high temperatures, it keeps its cool. That’s because some colours are heat-resistant up to 1.000 °C. The ink is also weather-resistant, and all shades are resistant to alcohol. The colours white and copper have outstanding resistance to acetone. Naturally, its standard-sized nib permanently labels everything from saw blades and metal tools to grinders. With its resistant ink and high-quality aluminium barrel, the edding 750 paint marker is a reliable force at work for any workforce and under any conditions.

        • round nib 2-4 mm
        • highly opaque
        • permanent
        • shake and pump
        • aluminium barrel
        • metal
        • hot metal
        • plastic
        • glass
        • dry wood
        • carton
        • leather
        • heat-resistant ink


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