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        Legal notice


        edding International GmbH

        Bookkoppel 7
        D-22926 Ahrensburg

        Phone: +49 (0)4102 808-0

        Authorised representatives

        • Per Ledermann
          Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
        • Thorsten Streppelhoff
          Chief Operating Officer (COO)
        • S?nke Goo?
          Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

        Commercial register

        Amtsgericht Lübeck
        B 2675 AH

        VAT identification number

        DE 193304463

        Responsibility for content (Art. 55 Abs. 2 RStV)

        Christoph Greggersen
        Digital Solutions Architect

        edding International GmbH
        Bookkoppel 7
        D-22926 Ahrensburg


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