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        Hand lettering

        Hand lettering

        Hand lettering ideas with templates for all kinds of surface

        Decorative words and sayings are hugely popular right now, whether for greetings cards, pictures or notepads. The trend is called hand lettering – or just lettering, for short. This creative technique involves artfully drawing letters and playfully colouring them in. There are no strict rules – simply do what you like! With the right edding products and our tips and tricks, you’ll find learning this beautiful technique a breeze.

        Zendoodle and Colouring

        Zendoodle and Colouring

        Unique Zendoodle patterns and colouring ideas – find inspiration here

        Drawing patterns and colouring them in can be especially relaxing and really help you to switch off. Marvellous Zendoodle patterns emerge when you let your creativity run wild. Of course, for the best pictures you need the right products to help you recreate your ideas. edding offers a wide range of fibre pens in different colours and stroke widths for all the colouring fun.

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