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        Painted soap dispenser

        Follow the pastel craze with chic DIY bathroom accessories

        A simple way to upgrade your bathroom is to introduce a few hand-decorated accessories. Pastel tones in a wide variety of shades are really fashionable right now so, in keeping with this creative trend, we’ve extended our gloss paint marker range to include four new delicate pastel colours. Ideal for decorating almost any home décor item made of glass, plastic, metal or paper, these pastels look amazing on dark, smooth surfaces – like this soap dispenser, for instance. Add a fashionable outer space design and it quickly turns into an eye-catching feature. You can now choose from pastel yellow, pastel rose, pastel blue and pastel green. And there’s no need to worry, because all the colours are smudge-proof and waterproof, so they’re perfect for bathrooms!

        Paint markers
        Glass and mirror
        Plastic and foil
        Easy peasy
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        Products and materials

        Other materials

        • Soap dispenser in dark plastic

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