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        DIY galactic travel mugs

        Design your new favourite travel mug

        An insulated cup is a great way to get your daily caffeine fix when you’re on the move, and at the same time it’s incredibly practical and environmentally-friendly. A plain travel mug is also really easy to decorate by hand. It’ll take no time at all to transform it into a firm favourite – and the coffee will taste so much better! edding gloss paint markers are the ideal choice for the design because their gleaming colours show up particularly well on dark, smooth surfaces. Pastel hues in a wide variety of shades are really popular at the moment so, in keeping with this creative trend, we have extended the range of edding gloss paint markers by adding four delicate pastel shades. You can now choose from pastel yellow, pastel rose, pastel blue and pastel green – and you don’t have to worry because all the colours are smudge-proof and waterproof, which means you’ll get years of enjoyment out of your mug. This eye-catching, trendy outer space design will instantly make your travel mug look out of this world!

        Special gifts
        Paint markers
        Plastic and foil
        Easy peasy
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        Products and materials

        Other materials

        • Insulated mug with a dark plastic outer

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