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        Cutlery hook for your kitchen

        A brilliant upcycling idea for old forks

        Unwanted cutlery is far too valuable to simply be thrown out. You can, of course, always sell it at a car boot sale. Alternatively, you can use it for really stylish upcycling ideas. We’ve made some fantastic DIY hooks for the kitchen using old forks. Forks work particularly well as towel hooks because you can use both the prongs and the bent handle to hang things from. Depending on what the fork is made of, you shouldn’t need to apply too much pressure to bend it, but don’t worry - it won’t break! Once the fork has been bent into shape, you simply need to fix it to the wall or cupboard. The handy edding 8850 carpenter pen makes it really easy to mark drill holes on the wall.

        Special solutions
        Paper, carton and cardboard
        Concrete and stone
        A bit more challenging
        Images (ZIP)


        Products and materials

        Other materials

        • Old forks
        • Large pliers
        • Small pliers
        • Metal drill
        • Screws

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