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        1960 - 1965

        Hamburg, 1960: the start of two great careers. The Beatles play gigs along the city's Reeperbahn, capturing the hearts of fans. A few kilometres away, school friends Carl-Wilhelm Edding and Volker Detlef Ledermann also land their first number one hit: the edding No. 1!

        1965 - 1970

        The range of products keeps on growing. In 1965, the group brand planMASTER sees the light of day - with the launch of products for planning and visual communication. Since 1999, these products have been sold under the Legamaster brand name. Today, as well as whiteboards, flipcharts, and presentation and display systems, this extensive product range also includes interactive solutions for school and business.

        Proud milestone on its 10-year-anniversary: By the end of 1970, almost 100 million edding-felt and fibre-tipped pens had been sold across all five continents.

        1970 - 1975

        New markets, new products, new technologies, new customer groups: as the Beatles break up, edding continues to write history. However, it's "goodbye" to Hamburg as the group moves to new premises in nearby Ahrensburg.

        1975 - 1980

        At edding everything continues to shine: in 1978, the group launches its first-ever paint marker with an opaque, paint-like ink - suitable even on darker surfaces. A study by German market research company GfK has revealed that the edding 750 paint marker was the second biggest-selling marker in seven European countries in  2007/2008. First place went to the edding 3000.

        1980 - 1985

        As the years pass, edding continues to develop its range of special markers. After all, the company's goal is clearly defined: to have, or to be able to develop, the right marker for any application and surface. Today, edding has more than 150 "specialists", including a CD marker, a furniture marker, a tile marker, a x-ray-marker, a skin marker and a laundry marker.

        1985 - 1990

        With any house or office move, edding is a trusty helper. In 1986, the company makes a diffrerent kind of move when edding is floated on the Frankfurt stock exchange for the first time. In the same year, edding Vertrieb GmbH is founded as a distribution and logistics centre for the German market. It is still based in Wunstorf near Hanover to this day.

        edding is quick to see the importance of an international presence and growth in selected markets. Subsidiaries are set up in the United Kingdom and in Japan, dedicated to the promotion of this strategy. Today, edding has branches and distribution partners across the globe, its products being sold in around 100 countries.

        1990 - 1995

        Three years after the Wall comes down, edding founds V. D. Ledermann & Co. GmbH in the German town of Bautzen. Today, this ultra-modern plant makes around 60 million products every year. For colleagues in Ahrensburg, it's another case of "all change!" as they relocate to their own offices - complete with stores in Ahrensburg. edding ist still conquering the world from these premises today.

        1995 - 2000

        Care for the environment has been part of edding's corporate philosophy since the very beginning. The group takes ecological considerations into account when planning products, packaging and materials. A commitment that pays of in 1995 when co-founder Volker Detlef Ledermann is presented with the B.A.U.M. award.

        An even greater international dimension: In 2000, edding founds subsidiaries in Italy, Greece and Argentina. This is followed a year later by subsidiaries in France and Turkey.

        2000 - 2005

        In 2005, the edding group is one of the first to sign the "Ehrenkodex", a code of practice for the German paper, office products and stationery industry. This framework document - drawn up at the initiative of brand association Altenaer Kreis and approved by the Federal German Cartel Office - lays down principles of fair business. And edding is a key player in its drafting.

        2005 - 2010

        The University of St. Gallen in Switzerland confirms something that staff at edding have long known and cherished when it lists edding AG as one of the top 100 employers among German SMEs - the result of a 2007 comparison of companies throughout Germany. In 2008, edding wins the Axia Award (in the "SME" category) for its excellent strategic orientation.

        Still in 2008, edding introduces its EcoLine range of products. This series includes permanent markers and board markers with at least 90% of the total plastic used being made from recycled material. The range also includes a text marker with a cap and barrel, at least 70% of which is made from a renewable ressource.

        The three German sites at Ahrensburg (HQ), Bautzen (production) and Wunstorf (distribution) are certified to environmental management standard ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, an internationally recognised standard for occupational health and safety management systems.

        2010 - 2018

        edding has been writing history for 50 years. The two-man team with a start-up capital of 500 Deutsche Mark has transformed to become a global company with more than 600 employees and group sales of EUR 148 million (2017). Today, the edding family name is, quite simply, the synonym for markers.

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