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        where others stop.

        Because I can.

        Pens that really hit the mark

        Opaque, smudge-proof, reliable - even on difficult surfaces - edding gloss paint markers are talented all-rounders. Discover our new pastel and metallic shades now. Available in four stroke widths and in a choice of sizes to suit every application - why not give them a try!

        Reveal. Rejoice. Repeat.

        The new sets feature attractive packaging for storing your gloss paint markers - it's a real gem. Makes a perfect gift, too!

        Get inspired

        Get started

        Hints and tips on how to activate your marker

        • Shake the marker firmly with the cap on - a small metal ball in the reservoir mixes the pigments evenly before use
        • Remove the cap and press the nib down slowly several times on a piece of scrap paper until ink fills the nib
        • Test the marker on a piece of absorbent paper
        • Note: once the nib is saturated, it won’t be able to take up any more ink, so you should stop pressing the nib to avoid splotches
        • The marker is now ready to use
        • Always store the marker horizontally
        edding gloss paint marker sets

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