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        My passion
        never fades.

        Because I can.

        DIY world map cushion made with edding textile markers and pens
        various sets of edding textile markers and pens

        Whatever your passion – show it on your textiles, too.

        With edding textile pens:

        • 20 brilliant colours
        • wash-resistant up to 60°C

        So, what's your next idea?

        Cactus t-shirt – made with edding textile markers

        Cool cactus t-shirt

        Whatever design you love most – prickly cacti, pretty flowers or graphic patterns – with edding textile markers, become your very own designer and jazz up your t-shirt with ease.

        Decorative cactus cushions

        Decorate cushions to match your passion

        What’s your favourite cactus – tall and thin, or round and spiky? There’s certainly nothing prickly about this snuggly and inviting cactus cushion! Being creative comes naturally with edding textile markers and textile pens.

        Get started with our products

        Product features

        • 20 brilliant colours
        • washproof up to 60°C
        • easy application

        Smart tricks

        • use a cardboard base to stop the ink bleeding through
        • secure the fabric with double-sided adhesive tape
        • start with the outlines and colour in once dry
        Generate your own cactus template

        Your own photo as a template

        Turn one of your own photos into a template using our template generator. Simply upload your image and create an outline of your motif. Print it out, place it under your fabric and trace a perfect copy!

        Stencils and templates with cacti motifs

        Stencils work best with fabrics

        Templates make drawing on fabrics really easy. We’ve loads of stencil and template motifs for you to download, enlarge or reduce. You can even use them as a positive or negative stencil.

        Get inspired – what’s your next idea?

        Cactus themed tea towel

        As easy as pie: design your own tea towel

        When you’re in the kitchen, don’t just get creative with your cooking - why not also design your own tea towels? It couldn’t be easier!

        DIY canvas bag with a cactus design

        Bags of style: customise a canvas bag with your favourite design

        These smart and stylish canvas bags will be popular with everyone, not just cactus lovers! They’re incredibly easy to make with the help of edding textile markers.


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