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        Here at edding, the future is not in the stars, but in our colleagues' minds - and more specifically in the minds of our up-and-coming talent.

        As part of an internship, an apprenticeship or during an integrated degree programme at edding, we place great emphasis on practical training. Our aim is not just to empower our trainees from a technical perspective, but also to actively involve them in all departments - predominantly locally at our German sites in Ahrensburg, Bautzen and Wunstorf.



        At edding, interns only make coffee for themselves: they are integral parts of their respective teams and are individually supported.



        We are a company that is passionate about training. The content of our individual occupations - at the three sites in Ahrensburg, Bautzen and Wunstorf - is varied.

        Degree programme

        Degree programme

        Our university education scheme with practical relevance: as well as gaining theoretical knowledge, you will learn to take on responsibility for your tasks or projects from the beginning.


        Who can I contact? How do I apply in the right way? What is the application process like? We answer your initial questions concerning applications.

        Trainee blog

        May we introduce our trainee blog - written by and for our career starters. Amongst other things, we answer questions relating to the application process and report on our experiences.

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