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        Your completed application documents should include your covering letter, clearly demonstrating your motivation, your neatly presented CV, without any gaps, as well as current and relevant references. Your portfolio should also include your availability and salary expectations.

        By the way: we usually carry out standard first and second interviews with representatives from the relevant specialist department and the recruitment team. Assessment centres take place regularly in order to select our trainees and students and are coordinated by our young colleagues.

        Tips for applicants

        Find out as much as you can about the company. Our website, which includes press archives, company brochures, product catalogues and current business and quarterly reports provides ample opportunity for this. Also, think about whether we are suited to each other, regardless of the position you are applying for, and whether you can identify with how we define our culture.

        The aim of your application and the potential follow-up interview should always be for both sides to get a feel for each other, i.e. to find out whether you are right for us and we are right for you. To be able to establish this, it is important for us to make the conditions open and fair.

        As well as your CV, it is your motivation that really matters to us. What is it exactly that you find so interesting about edding, and why should we ensure we don't miss out on your contribution to our company's success?

        We look forward to receiving your application!

        Discover opportunities

        Subsidiaries in 9 countries

        As the parent company of the edding Group and operational holding company, edding AG now has subsidiaries in 9 countries: in the Netherlands, in Belgium, in the United Kingdom, in France, in Turkey, in Greece, in Argentina and in Columbia.

        Within Germany, marketing and distribution activities for our Writing and Marking business segment are handled by edding Vertrieb GmbH in Wunstorf, near Hanover, our second German site. Internationally, this business segment is managed by edding International GmbH in Ahrensburg. Legamaster GmbH in Ahrensburg is responsible for the sales-related management of our Visual Communication segment in Germany.

        Some production takes place in Germany. V.D. Ledermann & Co. GmbH in Bautzen manufactures felt-tip and fibre-tip pens for the global market. Additional production sites are located in Argentina and Columbia.


        edding Ahrensburg


        edding AG

        Bookkoppel 7
        22926 Ahrensburg

        Tel.: +49 (0)4102 808-0
        Fax: +49 (0)4102 808-169

        edding International GmbH

        Bookkoppel 7
        22926 Ahrensburg

        Phone: +49 (0)4102 808-0
        Fax: +49 (0)4102 808-169

        Legamaster GmbH

        Bookkoppel 7
        22926 Ahrensburg

        Phone: +49 (0)4102 808-0
        Fax: +49 (0)4102 808-169

        edding Bautzen


        V.D. Ledermann & Co. GmbH

        Baschützer Stra?e 7
        02625 Bautzen

        Phone: +49 (0)3591 682-0
        Fax: +49 (0)3591 682-115

        edding Wunstorf


        edding Vertrieb GmbH

        Auf B?sselhagen 9
        31515 Wunstorf

        Phone: +49 (0)5031 150-0
        Fax: +49 (0)5031 150-150



        Legamaster BVBA

        Schali?nhoevedreef 20/J
        2800 Mechelen

        Phone: +32 (0)15 28 01 01
        Fax: +32 (0)15 46 08 87


        edding France SAS

        4 Avenue de l'Europe
        59223 Roncq

        Phone: +33 (0)320 05 12 13
        Fax: +33 (0)320 91 98 93


        edding Hellas Ltd.

        61, Paparigopoulou str.
        15343 AG Paraskevi, Athens

        Phone: +30 (0)210 674 86 87
        Fax: +30 (0)210 677 06 38


        edding BeNeLux BV

        Kwinkweerd 62
        Postbus 111
        7240 AC Lochem

        Legamaster International BV

        Kwinkweerd 62
        7241 CW Lochem

        Phone: +31 (0)573 713-100
        Fax: +31 (0)573 713-101


        edding Ofis ve K?rtasiye

        ürünleri Tic. Ltd. ?ti.
        Tekfen Ofis Park
        Merkez Mah
        Ba?lar Cad No:14 B Blok Kat:3 B19-B20
        Ka??thane / ?stanbul

        Phone: +90 (0)212 289 99 11
        Fax: +90 (0)212 289 99 71

        United Kingdom

        edding UK Ltd.

        edding House, Merlin Centre
        Acrewood Way
        AL4 0JY St Albans

        Phone: +44 (0)1727 84 66 88
        Fax: +44 (0)1727 83 99 70

        South America


        edding Argentina SA

        Edificio III Piso 5 Panamerican Bureau
        Buenos Aires

        Phone: +54 (0)11 32 20 04 20
        Fax: +54 (0)11 51 97 12 33


        edding Colombia SAS

        CR 49 # 78 C SUR 94

        Phone: +57 (0)44 44 49 54
        Fax: +57 (0)43 01 42 08

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